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The word “Autrans” is a portmanteau of the words “automotive industry” and “transportation,” thus representing an integration of these two concepts.

Sojitz Autrans Corporation has honed its trading functions (order, delivery management, inventory, finance, and production and sales information collection functions) in Japan and overseas with long time experience operating as a specialized trading company. We also offer domestic and overseas integrated distribution services (import and export, just-in-time (JIT) delivery, milk run method delivery, etc.) as well as value-added services (sub-assembly, pre delivery inspection, quality control management support, etc.). This assortment of offerings enables us to support the stable procurement and supply of mass-production parts and components, which is particularly important to the industries of manufacturing cars and motorcycle, while providing proxy services as a tier 1 supplier.

Sojitz Autrans Corporation does not limit its operations to serving domestic customers. Rather, we coordinate our efforts with the overseas bases of the Autrans Group and the Sojitz Group to offer support for parts and component procurement and supply chain management to customers across the globe.

Autrans India Pvt. Ltd is also exclusive distributor of Kubota mini excavator in inda


We offer support for parts and component procurement to customers by merging our trading and integrated distribution services.


Support for Parts and Component Procurement at Customers’ Overseas Bases



Import + value added inspection, light assy, JIT delivery


Export + value added inspection, consolidation, supplier control, order management


Logistics stock control, repackage, re-box, palletize, JIT/VMI delivery,sequence delivery


Others: Tier-1 window etc.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Scheme

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