We cut a fresh start on April 1, 2018, when we began operating under the new name of Sojitz Autrans Corporation.

By adopting this new name, we have united ourselves under the name of Autrans, which is associated with comprehensive parts distribution services companies in Asia. Going forward, we will develop our operations under this united name on a worldwide basis to support the components and parts operations of our customers.

The operating environment for the automotive business is currently characterized by a rising need for the global procurement of parts and components. Factors behind this situation include constant changes in the circumstances surrounding the procurement of parts and components. For example, expectations regarding new materials and the weight, quality, and functionality of items are now higher than ever. Sojitz Autrans is part of Sojitz Corporation’s Automotive Division and was established as a trading company specializing in highly functional parts and components tasked with the procurement and supply of mass-produced parts and components, which represents an upstream area of the automotive value chain. Seeking to keep pace with the rapid changes in our operating environment, we refuse to remain content with simply trading parts and components. Sojitz Autrans is therefore endeavoring to transform into a service provider boasting finance functions as well as the high-value-added distribution functions cultivated by Autrans in the relation to just-in-time manufacturing, inspection services, vendor-managed inventories, and simplified assembly.

United under the mantra of “expertise and flexibility,” both strengths of Sojitz Autrans, we are committed to supplying customers around the world with an array of services through Sojitz’s global network. Among these services are the integrated distribution of services of our Autrans business, which supports cross-border procurement of mass-produced car and motorcycle parts and components in Japan and overseas, as well as our technical support services, which help customers commence procurement of new mass-produced parts and components and secure stable supplies from overseas suppliers. Other services include those of operations in which we capitalize on the business expertise of Sojitz’s Automotive Division to supply overseas customers with export and distribution services for construction machinery, tires, medical equipment, and other articles.

Sojitz Autrans strives to always be a company that grows together with its customers and remains committed to diligent effort aimed at living up to the expectations of its stakeholders.

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